venerdì 31 marzo 2017

Dear Charlotte...

Charlotte Brontë 
(21 April 1816 – 31 March 1855)

Charlotte Brontë died on the morning of 31 March 1855 aged thirty-eight. She was in the early stages of pregnancy.

On this day, in 1855  Arthur Bell Nicholls, her husband,  writes to  her dearest friend: 
Dear Mrs Nussey ... our dear Charlotte is no more - She died last night of exhaustion. For the last two or three weeks we had became a very uneasy about her, but it was not until Sunday evening that it became apparent that her sojourn with us was likely too short. 
We intend to bury her on Wednesday morning. Belive me, sincerely yours, A B Nicholls

from "Il Professore", Edizioni Paoline, 1966
In 1857, two year after her death, her first novel, The Professor was finally published.

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