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(dal Diario di campagna di una di una signora inglese del primo novecento,
Edith Holden)

While ripening corn grew thick and deep,
And here and there men stood to reap,
One morn I put my heart to sleep,
  And to the lanes I took my way.
The goldfinch on a thistle-head
Stood scattering seedlets while she fed;
The wrens their pretty gossip spread,
  Or joined a random roundelay.

Scholar and carpenter -  Jean Inglelow - Poem Vol I - 1896

Jean Ingelow (17 March 1820 – 20 July 1897), was an English poet and novelist. Born at Boston, Lincolnshire, she was the daughter of William Ingelow, a banker. As a girl she contributed verses and tales to magazines under the pseudonym of Orris, but her first (anonymous) volume, A Rhyming Chronicle of Incidents and Feelings, which came from an established London publisher, did not appear until her thirtieth year. This was called charming by Tennyson, who declared he should like to know the author; they later became friends. Her poems, collected in one volume in 1898, were frequently popular successes. Sailing beyond Seas and When Sparrows build in Supper at the Mill were among the most popular songs of the day. Her best-known poems include The High Tide on the Coast of Lincolnshire and Divided.(from

Jean Ingelow (17 marzo 1820 - dal 20 luglio 1897), è stata un poetessa e scrittrice inglese. Nata a Boston, nel Lincolnshire, era la figlia del banchiere William Ingelow. Pubblicò versi e racconti su riviste con lo pseudonimo di Iris e il suo primo il volume A Rhyming Chronicle of Incidents and Feelings, fu pubblicato anonimo all'eta di trent'anni. Tennyson apprezzò molto l'opera tanto da voler conoscere l'autrice e diventarne amico. Le sue poesie, raccolte in un unico volume nel 1898, ebbero molta popolarità.  Sailing beyond Seas and When Sparrows build in Supper at the Mill erano canzoni molto popolari. Le poesie più famose includono The High Tide on the Coast of Lincolnshire e Divided (liberamente tradotto da

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