domenica 9 febbraio 2014

Art & Tea

I never get tired of admiring these masterpieces. 
The tea from the daily ritual becomes art through the ages and history.
 These are some of my favorite paintings about tea time. 
Enjoy them!:)

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A Rose from a Suitor by Herbert Blande Sparks

Afternoon Tea by W H Matgeston

A Cup of Tea, Walter Granville-Smith
George Dunlop Leslie  Afternoon Tea 188

Marcus Stone

Tea in the Garden, Richard Edward Miller

Francesco Vinea

George Goodwiln Kinlburne

“Afternoon Treat” by George Goodwin Kilburne

George Dunlop Leslie
Five O'Clock by George Dunlop Leslie. 

Mary Cassat 
Tea Time by Albert Lynch
Women taking Tea by Albert Lynch
High tea by Abbott Fuller Grave

Kostantin Korovin
Five O’clock Tea by Julius Leblanc Stewart
Frederick Childe Hassam by  French Tea Garden

“The order never varies. Two slices of bread-and-butter each, and China tea. What a hide-bound couple we must seem, clinging to custom because we did so in England. Here, on this clean balcony, white and impersonal with centuries of sun, I think of half-past-four at Manderley, and the table drawn before the library fire. The door flung open, punctual to the minute, and the performance, never-varying, of the laying of the tea, the silver tray, the kettle, the snowy cloth.” 
Daphne du Maurier, Rebecca

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  1. Che belle atmosfere pacate e rilassate, mi viene però da pensare se non si annoiassero un po'.

  2. Ciao Marcella, in effetti sono un po' nostalgici ma forse proprio per questo così belli! Sembrano lontani anni luce dalla vita frenetica e poco rilassante di oggi!
    Grazie per la visita!:)
    A presto


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